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Private Money Lending 101 (LIVE Webinar with Dave Shaw)

Join us for this educational alternative investment webinar with Larissa Greene of Advanta IRA and guest speaker Dave Shaw. Dave is a long time investor that lends private money for rehab projects secured by real estate. Get more information about Dave Shaw and his investment experience in this article. In this webinar, you … Read More

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How to Start Investing in Real Estate with an IRA (Tampa)

This powerful seminar demonstrates how you can use your IRA or 401(k) to invest in real estate without having to pay any income taxes.  You can build wealth with real estate via: buy-and-hold rental income, rehab-and-flip projects, profits from the sale of commercial and residential property, and raw … Read More

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Successful Property Management (Webinar)

Scott Maurer, Director of Business Development at Advanta IRA and Josh Gilmore, Vice-President at SDIRA Wealth will be hosting an exclusive webinar on May 10th. During this webinar, Scott and Josh will discuss how you can purchase rental real estate in an IRA and how to successfully find … Read More

advanta sdira lunch and learn event

Renting vs. Rehabbing in Your IRA (Tampa Bay Seminar)

Investing in real estate with an IRA is as popular as ever. One of the key questions though when getting involved in buying investment real estate through your IRA is what your goal is with that property. We are excited to have Dan Depies of Discovery Properties Group … Read More

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Converting Mortgage Notes Into Cash Flow (LIVE Webinar)

Among the many investments people make within a self-directed IRA, investing in notes and mortgages is one of the more common investments we see at Advanta. Though common, many people are unfamiliar with the different types of notes (performing vs. non-performing) as well as why invest in notes … Read More

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Market Volatility (LIVE Webinar)

This webinar will explore the stability and diversity of self-directed IRAs when compared to the stock investments that comprise most of American's IRAs. We will focus on the returns from real estate holdings and mortgage notes and how they contrast to what was occurring in the markets … Read More