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Invest Florida Meet-Up—Reduce Your Property Taxes

If your a real estate investor, or just a homeowner, you will want to attend this month's Invest Florida Meet-Up. We will have former Hillsborough County Property Appraiser Rob Turner discussing how you reduce your annual property tax bill, and what that process looks like. During his … Read More

Advanta IRA Self-Directed IRA Invest Florida

Invest Florida Meet-Up—Financing Your Real Estate Purchase

Whether you are looking to purchase your next long-term rental or short-term flip, you will want to come to this month's Invest Florida Meet-Up. We will have Frank Coto from Lincoln Lending to discuss many different areas of financing and using leverage for your next real estate … Read More

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Seminar: The Ultimate Control IRA (Tampa Bay)

Many IRA custodians claim to allow you greater freedom and flexibility in choosing your IRA investments. But they are not giving you the whole story. Join us for this interactive seminar on how you can open up your retirement account to a world of possibilities, beyond what … Read More

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Seminar: Peer to Peer Lending with Your IRA (Atlanta)

Do you want to determine the rate at which your IRA will grow? Would you like to have a consistent return year after year? Have you ever considered lending money from your IRA? Rather than have your IRA purchase real estate and then have to deal with … Read More

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Networking: Liberated Investing Workshop (Tampa Bay)

Are you looking to meet like-minded people who share some of your same investing interests? Advanta IRA is proud to host the networking meeting of the Liberated Investing Workshop that will focus on alternative investments and strategies. The group is run by Celicia Slafter, who has been … Read More