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Networking: Liberated Investing Workshop (Tampa Bay)

Are you looking to meet like-minded people who share some of your same investing interests? Advanta IRA is proud to host the networking meeting of the Liberated Investing Workshop that will focus on alternative investments and strategies. The group is run by Celicia Slafter, who has been … Read More

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Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency (LIVE Webinar)

There is a lot of buzz about cryptocurrency lately and there is so much to learn. Kick off your education on the history and mechanics of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with us and our guest from Crypto Consultants, Travis Morehead. Travis will be discussing why cryptocurrency was created and … Read More

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LIVE WEBINAR: Investing in Bitcoin with Your IRA

Interest in Bitcoins is on the rise. But why? Some of the top reasons include the ease to set up, the transparency of transactions, the speed of transactions, and the ability to hedge against the risk of other investments. The biggest reason, however, is that it is decentralized, … Read More