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Seminar: Peer to Peer Lending with Your IRA (Atlanta)

Do you want to determine the rate at which your IRA will grow? Would you like to have a consistent return year after year? Have you ever considered lending money from your IRA? Rather than have your IRA purchase real estate and then have to deal with … Read More

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OPM and IRAs: Using IRAs as a Private Lending Source (Tampa)

OPM? Also known in the real estate investing world as Other People's Money. Using OPM is a favored technique because it allows an individual to get more creative with financing and lending terms for their investment. OPM also allows that "other person" to achieve better or more … Read More

Webinar: Navigating the Waters of Hard Money Lending

While there are great benefits with hard money lending, many investors have found it to be too complex at times. Some simply don't have the information they need to take advantage of these benefits, as either a borrower or a lender. If you are one of those investors … Read More

Lunch Seminar: Control Your IRA With Private Notes (Tampa)

Do you want to determine the rate at which your IRA will grow? Would you like to have the potential for a guaranteed return year after year?  Many individuals have achieved this level of financial freedom with their IRAs by having their IRA make private loans.  Join us as Larissa … Read More

Strategy Session: Buying vs. Lending in Your IRA (Tampa)

Be a landlord or be the bank? When investing in real estate, this question is posed by a lot of potential investors, including those using a self-directed IRA. There isn't a right or wrong answer to the question, and this free strategy session is designed to give you … Read More