Webinar — Year-End Tax-Savings Strategies: Roth Conversions

Have you ever wondered about why everyone talks about the Roth IRA, 401(k) and Roth conversions? That is because the IRS is giving us a playbook to create completely TAX-FREE revenue streams!!! This webinar will explore the intricacies of how the various Roth accounts are structured, funded, … Read More

Advanta IRA Self-Directed IRA Invest Florida

Invest Florida Meet-Up—Multifamily Investing and Financing

During this networking event, Casey Siggins of Franklin Street will cover: 1) The major players in multifamily lending and their differences  2) Understanding underwriting, Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) and how it affects your loan proceeds  3) How loans are structured for value-add multifamily properties and who can provide those … Read More

Simulcast – Back to Basics Series: Part 2 – Real Estate IRAs

Real estate IRAs are popular strategies for building retirement income by investing in residential and commercial property, rentals, rehabs, multifamily homes, and more. Learn how to set-up real estate IRAs, the various types of real estate investments, and the versatility of investing flips and rehabs. Read More