How much does it cost?

The Cost of a Self-Directed IRA

Advanta IRA is committed to delivering the best possible service to all our clients with an innovative, educational platform and our dedicated, one-on-one account management program. We deliver all of this at an exceptional value. The cost of a self-directed IRA and other accounts with Advanta are based simply on our recordkeeping services and responsibilities—we do not charge commissions and there are no hidden fees. Our fees are fair and reasonable, based on the work that is involved to administer your account.

Self-Directed IRA Fees at Advanta

Many IRA custodians charge fees based on the total value of your account. Advanta IRA offers the flexibility to cap your annual fee at less than $300 per year, regardless of the value of the underlying assets. Additionally, we do not require you to set-up an LLC for your IRA, unlike some custodians who then charge over $1,000 for that service.

Exceptional service and value:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Timely processing of your investment paperwork
  • Receipt and deposit of all incoming funds from your investment (rental income, loan payments, dividends) as well as payment for expenses related to your investment
  • 24/7 online access to review your account, pay bills, make distributions, and view transaction reports
  • Quality educational featuring experts from various industries
  • Annual reporting to the IRS for all your Advanta accounts



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