Lunch & Learn: Private Money Lending in an IRA (Tampa Bay)

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Most people believe that funds in IRAs are limited to investments in stocks and bonds. Not true. IRAs can invest in a variety of alternative investments such as private placements, mortgages, real estate, and just about any other type of investment.

Private lending is an increasingly popular investment in IRAs. Your retirement account plays the part that a bank would in extending loans to those seeking funds. The borrower can use this capital to purchase a home, a car, etc.

These transactions offer great benefits for all parties involved. Your IRA earns tax-sheltered income on the interest of the loan, and the borrower is able to get needed cash and bypass the hassle of mainstream lending institutions.

As the IRA owner:

  • you call the shots by choosing who your IRA lends money to
  • you get to set the repayment terms of the loan
  • you can decide if you’ll extend a secured loan backed by collateral or an unsecured loan with a higher interest rate.

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